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The Diaries of Abi Rhode  

Based on true life events,  the Diaries of Abi Rhode, is a heart felt book series that chronicles  one woman's journey through a life of joy, fear, sadness, mental illness,  love, loss and self discovery.

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The Diaries of Abi Rhode: Into Darkness

Be Your own Voice

I am hopeful that the Abi Rhode series will provide those in need with the inspiration and tools to help them find joy and safety. We all have the ability to create a better life for ourselves by making choices that serve our wellbeing verses destroying our souls, minds and bodies. We are only victims if we believe that we are and make choices with a victims mentality of hopelessness and helplessness.  Our power is immense once we tap into and believe in it. Make choices that are brave and rewarding.

"Into Darkness"

Into Darkness is the first book of the four part Abi Rhode series.  You will be

introduced to Abi and ride with her through triumphs and disappointments. You will fear for her and cheer with her. But most of all, you will see how easy it is to lose sight of your power and replace it with fear and hopelessness. A series of  wrong choices can take one from being empowered to falling victim to doubt and insecurity. 

Let us know what you think:

I am anxious to introduce you to Abi Rhode and cannot not wait to get "Into Darkness"

and the entire Abi Rhode series into the hands of my readers. I know you will enjoy

reading it as much as I did writing it. 

S. L LeClair